Back in 1998 this Chameleon found a home with one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the world, Susan Werner. Susan literally plays hundreds of shows every year, flying daily back and forth across the country. We all know how airlines treat guitars. To the left is a photo of this Chameleon in its heyday. The guitar had a very nice sitka spruce top, and Southeast Asian rosewood back and sides. The sides were lined on the inside with a beautiful elm burl veneer. The side braces were made of 12 pieces of spruce and colored veneer. Each side brace had a central turquoise inlay. The neck and tail blocks were 11 piece laminates of walnut, mahogany, spruce and ebony. The elm burl, turquoise, red and blue veneer theme was carried up onto the face plate of the headstock. Over the years, many guitar repairmen from all over the United States worked on this guitar – repairing cracks, changing out pickups, and repairing the neck twice after it was broken off by the airlines. I got the guitar back for an exam when the neck was broken off for the third time.

Above,Below, and to the right are photos of this Chameleon under construction. The neck block, access panel block, and side braces are shown here. Also shown is the top bracing of the guitar. Note carbon fiber bridge plate.

Susan had the pickup replaced several times in this guitar. The photo on the left below shows the inside of this guitar as it was when I received it for repair. I don’t know if the repairmen who did this work were careless, or just pressed for time. In any case, it was pretty messy. The photo on the left shows the inside after a good cleaning. Note the cleats on the top crack.

A new adjustable action neck was made and fitted to this guitar. 3 top cracks, and 4 back cracks were repaired. 3 loose braces were secured. The entire instrument was refinished. It is now back on the road.