Rebuilding a 50+ Year Old ES125

You will need to use your imagination because I lost my photos of this instrument, or I should say parts of an instrument, as it was when I received it. This ES 125 was made in the early 50s, and had a tough life. When I received it, the body had long since been stripped of all of its parts. The neck had been sawed off flush with the body by some idiot. The electronic controls, pickup, pickguard, bridge, and tailpiece were long gone. The genius that sawed the neck off, also boogered up the body some while trying to remove the dovetail and fingerboard extension. We did have the sawed off neck.
First we rebuilt the neck. The old fingerboard was removed. A new fingerboard extension supported by carbon fiber rods was fitted to the old neck. Also a new dovetail was glued to the end of the neck. We made a new fingerboard that was an exact replica of the old one, complete with the same mop fret markers. After gluing it on, we leveled it, fretted it, and then leveled and crowned the frets. We found a new period Gibson decal for the headstock. The old one was long gone. Some high quality reproduction tuners were added. The neck looked great if I do say so myself.
The body required some filling with good old JB Weld where it had been gouged out in places at the neck joint. A slight amount of refinishing was necessary on the upper bout of the instrument with nitrocellulose lacquer. After polishing the pickup, electronic controls, pickguard, bridge, and tailpiece were replaced. The neck was glued on, and wayla, the thing looked and sounded great.
We are glad because the guitar belongs to our friend and CNC man, Jeremy Trammel. Below are more finished photos of the 50 + year old Gibson.