inside webAccess panels in the butt end of a guitar are a great invention of guitar designer, Abe Wechter. Abe’s idea was so good that it was immediately snatched up and used by such great builders as Richard Schneider, Steve Klein, Harry Fleishman, Tom Ribbecke, and us – Lame Horse Instruments. I don’t think anyone ever thought that working on an acoustic guitar blind, allsoundholeswebthrough a sound hole was fun, or a good idea. And if the guitar has non-tradional sound holes,then the access panel is a must-have. It is the only way to access the inside of the guitar without removing the top or back. Access panels help make a guitar serviceable over a long period of time, simply by making the guitars easy to work on. Not only are access panels extremely useful for examining the inside of a guitar for damage, and retiring that damage. insidewebThey make electronic installation a breeze, as well as providing a window to admire beautiful art features on the inside of the guitar. Also, the outside of the panel itself gives the luthier a blank palate  just waiting to be decorated. A few photos of access panels, and the inside of the guitar through the access panel are included below.

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