The Lamehorse Difference

The guitar is a most versatile, portable, and wonderful sounding musical instrument. It has gradually evolved over hundreds of years into what we know today.

We use the great traditions of guitar making, and expand our boundaries using new ideas, materials, and tools made available to us today, to accomplish this mission. All the great luthiers of the past used everything at their disposal to create the best instruments possible. They did not create great instruments by being tied to using only the materials, designs, and tools of the past. It is absurd to think any good luthier today would strive to do anything less.

Our goal is to honor the traditions of guitar building by working hard every day to make our instruments the best they can be – using every means at our disposal.

Here are some of the construction methods we use to achieve the consistent “Lame Horse Sound” in all of our acoustic guitars, and insure that these instruments will continue to maintain their sound quality and playability for generations to come.


Access Panels

Access panels in the butt end of a guitar are a great invention of guitar designer, Abe Wechter. Abe’s idea was so ...